Which is better for the Cynon Valley, In or Out of the E.U.?” Debate 16th of June 2016, 18:00 at Aberdare Community School.

This debate is important as many of the people in the Cynon Valley are still unsure of who to vote for, much like the organiser of the event, Andrew Chainey. “I’m organising this event to inform people for when it comes to voting on June 23.” he said, adding “I’m a local businessman who is 50/50 and on the fence on which way to vote.”.
Importantly, Mr. Chainey said “It’s a chance for a debate from both sides, so people can get to the real crux of the referendum.”. If you’re still unsure of which way to vote, come along to the event or watch the live stream for a fair and equal sided debate that may help you make up your mind without any biased influence.
Keep up to date with the event on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and click here to get tickets for the debate.

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