The twinning link with Ravensburg was established  with Cynon Valley Borough Council in 1993  following a delegation from Ravensburg, who was seeking a Welsh twin town.

The German delegation was so imposed with the friendliness of the people of the Cynon Valley that they decided to look no further for a Welsh twin town !

The signing of the official Twinning Agreement was signed in both Cynon Valley and in Ravensburg. The Ravensburg event was supported by the Cynon Valley Youth Orchestra.

Several school and music  links have been made with Ravensburg over the years. Each year members of the Twinning Association participate in the selling of Gluhwine ,

tea and other products from Wales on a Christmas Market stall.

Ravensburg Christmas Market

The stall is manned by twinning members of all of Ravensburg twin towns on a rota basis in order to raise the profile of twinning links with the town.

The Rutenfest

In July each year a festival called ” The Rutenfest” is held in the town. Brass bands, music groups, schools,individuals  and  organisations march through the town.

There are several  percussion music groups who have a tradition of visiting each ” hostelry” in the town, each restaurant and the Mayor’s house , to play their drums

louder and louder until ,they are paid to ” go away”.

This is one method that the groups use to raise funds ! Later there is a crossbow competition where young people compete for the Golden Arrow.


Ravensburg Rutenfest

 Youth Conference Programme

Each year Ravensburg invites groups of young people from its twin towns to take part in a Youth Conference. The young people discuss topics affecting Youth today.

Topics for discussion are usually chosen as part of European grant aided schemes for Youth.

Coleg Y Cymmor Engineering link

Coleg Y Cymmor in Rhondda Cynon Taff,  has continued the link established between the engineering departments in the former  Aberdare College  and the Gewerblicheschule

in Ravensburg. Each year twenty-five students from Rhondda Cynon Taff and Ravensburg work on  a joint project. Engineering projects range from constructing electric cars to

analysing recycling components from Washing Machines.