Montelimar is located in the area of  “La Drome ” in the southern part of France. It enjoys spectacular warm weather and is famous for its production of Nougat. At one time there were over thirty Nougat factories in the town , but today there are just a handful.

Nougat Advert in Montelimar

Nougat Advert in Montelimar

French Festivals

Like many  towns in France , Montelimar celebrates several festivals. During the Autumn there is a festival of food and wine, where local producers are able to display their wares to the public. A few years ago  the Mayor of the town, Mr Franck Reynier re-introduced the  “Banquet Republicaine ” in the town . The Banquet receives over five thousand Montelien and visitors from surrounding areas into Montelimar, where the main street is lined with tables and chairs and people are served  food and wine from neighbouring restaurants.

It is quite an experience !

Twinning members at Montelimar Festival

Twinning members at Montelimar Festival

Choral Arpege Montelimar

The members of Choral Arpege have had a very successful twinning link with Mountain Ash & District Choral Society since 2004.

The exchange started in July 2004, when a small group  of 21 French choristers visited Mountain Ash  . They received an outstanding

Welsh reception and firm friendships were formed immediately. Each year, the exchange has grown in number of participants, with

55 members of the Mountain Ash Choir visiting  Montelimar in October 2015.

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