A small group of teenage volunteers working with young people in RCT’s twin town of Wolfenbüttel in Germany would like to communicate with a similar group of young people in Rhondda Cynon Taff.


The group call themselves ” Carsten Ziebarth`s volunteers”,that wants to start an international relationship between teenagers living in Rhondda and Wolfenbüttel.

The  main idea of the group is to start contact and keep in touch with the Twinning Association and later with other young interested people.

The group has the following plans:

a)  In order to improve knowledge on other countries, their culture, their way of living, values etc, we would like to organise international encounters.
b)  International youth exchanges work against racism and violence. In addition to that international encounters benefit everyone participating with intercultural skills. They empower young people´s minds to feel responsible to take part in politics and democratic processes.
c) In our group called “Internationale Jugendbegegnungen” we would like to socialize with young people in Rhondda, plan encounters together and build an lasting international friendship.
d) It would be great if the Twinning Association could provide us with some information about names and/or institutions, that might be interested in working with us.

Please contact the webmaster  Andrew Chainey if you are interested.


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