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Get involved with RCT Town Twinning Association

Twinning links between Rhondda Cynon Taff and it’s twin towns in France and Germany have been established since 1968. Several hundred pupils from Comprehensive schools in RCT have taken part in various exchange visits over the years.

Music connections have formed an important part of twin town links and continue to be successful, through choirs and brass band exchanges. There are plenty of opportunities for sporting groups to take part in exchange links and association members will help and guide clubs to set up twin town links. If you work for a French or German company why not contact the Association and become involved in the improvement of our twin town links.

Membership of the Twinning Association

Membership of the Association is open to everybody residing in Rhondda Cynon Taff. If you belong to an organisation that would like to become involved please  tell us through the Contact page. As membership grows and the Association becomes established, visits by the Association will be organised to France and Germany to attend events like National Festivals.

Germany is well known for it Beer festivals and Christmas Markets and France is well known for its exquisite cuisine , wine and Gastronomy events like the Banquet Republican in Montelimar.


Members of Mountain Ash Choral Society on a visit to Montelimar


Youth Twinning Games Nürtingen

Youth Twinning Games Nürtingen

RCT Young Firefighters with groups from Ravensburg and Nürtingen

RCT Young Firefighters with groups from Ravensburg and Nürtingen

RCT Twinning Games Group

RCT Twinning Games Group on  Visit to Ravensburg


Students from Nürtingen visiting Big Pit.

Students from Nürtingen visiting Big Pit.


Youth Group from Wolfenbüttel visiting Blaenafon Ironworks 2014

Nürtingen (Germany)

Montelimar (France)

Ravensburg (Germany)

Wolfenbuttel (Germany)