The course commences on Monday 4th of September, from 18:30 to 20:00 at Green Street Chapel, near Aberdare Library. It will run every Monday during school term times.

The course is very much aimed at entry level French and has a no pressure approach. No exams and plenty of focus on conversation skills for going on holiday in France.

The majority of people wished to attend the course on a Monday. We are aware that some of you will unfortunately be unable to attend on Mondays. We are running an intermediate course on Tuesdays which might be of interest.

The aim is to run the courses throughout the year and to develop the lessons in line with the ability and needs of the participants. We want to make them fun and interactive. Bringing items from France, food, wine, holiday snaps, films and more into the classroom.

Our ambition is to organise trips to our Twin Town (Montelimar) and other parts of France (and Germany).

It is your course and one to enjoy.

The course fees are as follows:

  • A one off £10 annual membership fee. This makes you a member of RCT Town Twinning for one year and helps us with promoting the organisation and to help the endeavours of twinning.
  • A £5.00 per lesson course fee. This is payable per term in advance 9 weeks = £45.00 for the Autumn term.
  • Total £55 if you are not already a member.

In return you will get hand outs, lessons, peer support, have lots of fun, be part of a growing community, help others and learn more French.

Please can you confirm attendance by emailing

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